♥Electra Heart♥


Some Attributes
First Got third place in Epicvivor 5: Antarctica
Second Voted for Gil to win the competition
Third Owes $5,000,000 in record album sales to Gil for his washing machines (fake money was given on the show. ♥Electra♥ now faces a lawsuit for the fake cash scandal.
Other Attributes
Fourth Currently an ongoing member of the ♥Lonely Hearts Club♥ which she cofounded with Marina Diamandis.
Fifth Secret identity is Marina Diamandis.

Epicvivor 5Edit

♥Electra Heart♥ quickly made alliances with her friend Emma and other tribe mates. She promised to go with Emma to the finals. Nearing the merge, Emma and ♥Electra♥ were split apart for some time. When she discovered she was outnumbered, she pleaded to be kept in the game.

However, in an unusual twist, Gill was also outnumbered BUT targeted. ♥Electra♥ saved Gill with Emma in the tiebreaker vote, sending home another player. In the final three, ♥Electra♥ was voted off by her companions in a betrayal. Gill and Emma went to the final two, where Gill (somehow) won.