Ash was a contestant on FireVivor 4. He will return for Firevivor: Area 51-Fans Vs Favorites                                                                   

Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eliminated Day Five
Place 6th
Actor That Epic

FireVivor FourEdit

Day One: He arrived and formed alliances with Rory, Fran, and Korinne. He got no answers right in the word ddecoding challenge and recieved no votes

Day Two: He forms an alliance with Greg. He was the first out of the Cherry Blossom Tree Climbing contest. He voted for Parv and recieved one vote.

Day Three: Loses first in the Samurai challenge and votes off Rory.

Day Four: Loses the Martial Arts training challenge. Votes off Rachel

Day Five: Teams up with Greg for the challenge. Votes off Fran, but is voted off later that day.

Day Eight: Votes for Greg to win.