Dave Sherwood
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green/Hazel
Eliminated N/A
Place 2nd
Relationship None
Family Unnamed Mother
Friends TMIM, Soren, JEss (possibly)
Enemies Brad (possibly), Clarq (possibly, one sided on Dave's Side)
Nicknames David (Real name, as said by TMIM)
Actor Mr. E
Dave Sherwood was a contestant on RedSurvivor Season II. Dave is the runner-up of the season, gaining the votes of Nick, Necki, and TMIM. Dave is most remembered for his record for most challenges won in a RedSurvivor season, with 4. Also, his alliance with The Most Interesting Man.


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RedSurvivor IIEdit

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Voting HistoryEdit

Dave's Voting History
Day Dave's
Voted Against
1 Nick;
2 Clarq -
No Tribal Council
3 Necki Individual Immunity
4 Brad -
5 No Tribal Council
Brad Individual Immunity
6 Chester Individual Immunity
7 Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Dave
Nick, Necki, TMIM
Runner-Up, Day 8


  • Dave holds the record for the most challenges won in RedSurvivor history, with 4.
  • Dave was only at risk of elimination three times.
  • Dave is the only person in his season, and the series, to never have a vote cast against them.
    • Angie (of season One), and Brad (of season Two), both are counted as 0 votes, but both used idols to nullify votes against them.
  • Dave has an unwritten British accent.
  • When Dave's player, Mr. E, was revealed as his player, many people were shocked.
  • Dave is rumoured to return in RedSurvivor All-Stars, however this is unconfirmed.