Some Attributes
First 5th place in firevivor robot pirate island
Second pseudo celebrity on tumblr
Third im not gay
Other Attributes

Diamond was a contestant in Firevivor: Robot Pirate Island. She was known for talking completely in lowercase, being addicted to Tumblr, and being Marina and the Diamonds's biggest fan.

She is confirmed to be returning for the final season, Firevivor: Avery's Volcano.


Name (Age): the tumblr formerly known as emily smith (i dont have an age)
Tribe Designation: Seadogs, Team BFFs, Steampunk
Personal Claim to Fame: getting 500k followers on tumblr but idk thats not really an accomplishment especially when i could have 501k
Inspiration in Life: marina but only her 2nd album because her first is really crappy and idk its for dumb hipsters
Hobbies: tumbling living breathing etc
Pet Peeves: people who dont drink coffee
3 Words to Describe You: not gay tbh
If You Could Have 3 Things on The Island What Would They Be and Why?
1) my laptop
2) my record player
3) idk hair gel i guess
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: there really arent any idk ive never seen survivor its too mainstream
Reason for Being on SURVIVOR: so i can tumble in a new setting
Why You Think You’ll “Survive” SURVIVOR: idgi
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole SURVIVOR: im really smart i was the valedictorian in my class

Firevivor: Robot Pirate IslandEdit

Coming "soon".


  • She was played by Toadgamer80 as a last minute character, meant to be an extremely stereotypical Tumblr user/hipster.