Epicvivor: Egypt is the first season in the Epicvivor series. Nissim was the winner of this season.

Character Place User
'Tipseekay' 10th CK
Stewie 9th Webly
Sergeant 8th Mister.E
Cynthia 7th Sunny
Daniel 6th Otto
Dawson 5th Bruno
Cole 4th Toad
Probst 3rd Toad








Episode One-"I thought this was round three."Edit

The 10 contestants arrive in the lethal desert of Egypt. They are seperated into teams. Yanapuu, consisting of Trish, Probst, Cynthia, Dawson, and Stewie won the challenge, sending Mamanbou, consisting of Nissim, Cole, Seekay, Sergeant, and Daniel to elimination where they voted out Seekay for being inactive.

Episode Two-"Who should we lead to the slaughter?"Edit

The challenge is to go through the pyramids. Trish forms an alliance with Cynthia and Dawson. After going through the pyramid path two, Daniel and Sergeant recieved immunity idols. Mamanbou won and Yanapuu voted out Stewie.

Episode Three-"I said eliminated, not voted out."Edit

The challenge is Survivor Trivia. Yanapuu wins immunity. Sergeant is voted off (This wasn't an exciting challenge tbh)

Episode Four-"Everyone knows a relationship is an alliance in this game."Edit

Cynthia and Trish's alliance plan to break up Probst and Dawson by throwing the challenge. Unfortunately for them, the tribes merge into Mijimaru. The challenge is Total Drama Trivia, which Trish wins. Despite recieving no votes, Daniel played his idol. Cynthia states she has an idol at tribal council but doesn't, and this bluff leads to her elimination in a shocking vote.

Episode Five-"I don't need immunity"Edit

In the Camel Fight challenge, Daniel hatches a plan to rid the game of Trish. When he is put on the same Tribe as Trish for the challenge, he forfeits. Shockingly, he is blindsided by his alliancemates at Tribal Council.

Episode Six-'I have a wife back home."Edit

The challenge to uncover a mummy results in an easy win for Trish, who finds it with little effort. The other contestants get other prizes, Probst gets a plastic mummy, Cole gets an idol, and Nissim gets a whale. At Tribal, Cole shocks everyone by playing his idol, and sends Dawson home because of it.

Episode Seven-"Let's go to the whale."Edit

The final four are shocked when they discover that their challenge is to go to the whale. Nissim wins the challenge, and finally get's to the whale. Trish is sad about likely being the next person eliminated, but is shocked when Cole is sent home instead of her.

Episode Eight-"Ugh. I hated them."The final three's challenge is to answer questions about the alreaady eliminated players. Trish won the challenge, which caused Nissim and Probst to panic, both believing they would be eliminated by her. In the end, it was Probst's belief that was justified, as he was later eliminated.Edit

Episode Nine-"Don't talk to me."Edit

The final two of Nissim and Trish squared off and collected the Jury's votes. It was close but Nissim won, 3-1