The sixth season of FireVivor takes 7 new contestants to the tip of South America, to compete in some classic, beloved FireVivor challenges. Plus, the notorious Linwood returns with some harsh words for his fellow tribemates. 

Contestant User Merged Tribe Place Jury Vote
Lauren Jaxswim Merged Tribe

10th Place Not on Jury



The Sahara

Mister.. E.

9th Place Not on Jury

Darby EnTrey

8th Place


Sonny Nalyd Renrut

7th Place 1st Jury Member



The Sahara

Mister.. E.


6th Place

2nd Jury Member

Yakko That Epic

5th Place 3rd Jury Member

Tired That Epic

4th Place 4th Jury Member

Jennifer Nduke

3rd Place 5th Jury Member

Lauren Jaxswim



Merlin  COKEMAN11 Winner N/A
# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1st Merlin Linwood Linwood Jennifer Linwood Jennifer Jennifer IN WINNER
2nd Lauren Linwood Yakko Tired IN RUNNER-UP
3rd Jennifer IN IN IN IN IN IN OUT
4th Tired Lauren Linwood Linwood Merlin Lauren OUT
5th Yakko Lauren Linwood Linwood Merlin OUT
6th Linwood OUT
7th Sonny WIN WIN OUT
8th Darby IN OUT
9th Linwood Lauren OUT
10th Lauren OUT

Contestants please comment with voting histories to add to the table. == Episode 1Episode Summaries==

  • In the challenge, players had to make assumptions about the other players. The most popular answers won. 
  • The first question was "Who is most likely to backstab first?" The most popular answer was Sonny.
  • The second question was "Who is most likely to be eliminated first?" The most popular answer was Yakko.
  • Yakko, Sonny, and Tired ended up in the final 3, and did two rounds of rock paper scissors to break the tie. Sonny ended up winning immunity.
  • Lauren is eliminated at Tribal Council.

Episode 2Edit

  • The challenge was to find a picture or gif that best fit the Survivor scenario. The scenario was, "All the drama at camp is too much for you. Why did you ever join this game?"
  • Sonny wins the challenge.
  • Darby doesn't vote, causing a self-vote towards himself.
  • Linwood is eliminated. Just after Tribal Council, Darby quit.

Episode 3Edit

  • At the challenge, players had to unscramble the names of African countries. Merlin won immunity.
  • Sonny was eliminated at Tribal Council, and becomes the first member of the jury.
  • As the players are about to leave the Tribal Council area, Linwood and Lauren return, and come back to camp with them.

Episode 4Edit

  • The challenge is "Who's Still Swimming?"
  • Merlin wins immunity.
  • At Tribal Council, Linwood is eliminated for the second time.
    • Trivia: Linwood holds the record for most times voted out of FireVivor, with three.
  • Linwood becomes the second member of the jury.

Episode 5Edit

  • Instead of an immunity challenge, the players are given a riddle, with the reward for answering it first being an idol. Whoever wins the idol must use it that night, and choose whether to announce they have it when they get it, or at Tribal Council.
  • Merlin wins the idol, and uses it at Tribal Council on himself.
  • Because Merlin used the idol, the tie between him and Yakko was dissolved, and Yakko was sent home.
  • Yakko became the third member of the jury.

Episode 6Edit

  • In the challenge, the players must give the host a fact about themselves. The facts are then ordered, and the contestants each have to make a guess about who said what fact.
  • Merlin wins the challenge, with Jennifer close second.
  • Tired is eliminated at Tribal Council, becoming the fourth jury member.

Episode 7Edit

  • The challenge is trivia about the six current seasons of FireVivor. Jennifer wins the challenge.
  • At Tribal Council, Jennifer gives her immunity to Merlin, and tells her to take Lauren to the final 2, which shocks everyone.

Episode 8Edit

  • Merlin easily wins the jury over, making him winner of FireVivor: Cape Horn

This Season's PicksEdit


  • Jennifer


  • Lauren
  • Linwood


  • Merlin
  • Sonny

Fan FavesEdit

  • Tired
  • Merlin
  • Lauren