Gertrude Flabberman was a contestant in Redvivor Season 1. She is most remembered for calling the host "Reddy Boy", her catchphrase "Oh my!", and being an overall sweet old lady to people in PM.


Gertrude Flabberman is a 74 year-old lady who joined Redvivor to challenge herself and her sedentary lifestyle. Calling everyone "sweetie", and "dear", and saying "God bless you" frequently are well-known characteristics of Gertrude. Her biggest pet peeve is people with no definite gender, as she believes God created a man and a woman for a reason.

Redvivor Season 1Edit

Day One - Got offered an alliance by Audrey, to vote against Lye. Called Angie for the alliance too, without Audrey's approval.

Day Two - Just did what Audrey said, voted for Harvey. Also told Angie to do so. Pretends to agree on being in an alliance asked by Stella, who planned on eliminating Audrey.

Day Three - Suggested Audrey and Angie to vote for Colt. Was asked by Stella to vote for Audrey, but pretended she thought Audrey was immune and voted for Colt.

Day Four - Continues her alliance with Audrey and Angie, to vote out Stella (not knowing Angie had flipped to the other side). A purple rock eliminates her ally Audrey, but Gertrude still thinks she has one ally (Angie).

Day Five - Asks Angie to convince Quasimodo to join their alliance (which at the point, only existed in Gertrude's mind) and vote for Rachel (since Stella was immune), and believes Angie did so. Is blidsided (or deafsighted, as she called it) by Angie.


  • Gertrude was played by Manatee.
  • Gertrude finished fifth out of nine.