Jonesy Bond
Some Attributes
First She achieved 6th Place in Firevivor: Redemption Island
Second She's a pyromaniac.
Third Her abusive mother, Brenda, caused her pyromania.
Other Attributes
Jonesy was a competitor on Firevivor: Redemption Island. She was voted out on day 27 when GOD's alliance went against her. She returned in Firevivor: Gabon and was the first runner up against Cooper and Stephen.

Firevivor: Redemption IslandEdit

Jonesy's Voting History
Day Jonesy's
Voted Against
3 Axl -
6 Axl -
9 Loa Loa Tribe Immune
12 Loa Loa Tribe Immune
15 Kris -
18 Brettyson -
21 No Vote
24 Kass GOD, Kris
27 GOD

Kass, No One, Kris, GOD

Voted Off, Day 27
Voted for
Sole Survivor

Firevivor: GabonEdit

Jonesy's Voting History
Day Jonesy's
Voted Against
3 No Tribal Council
6 Cathy Cathy
9 Marcus -
12 Winston -
15 Twittergirl Twittergirl
18 Twittergirl Individual Immunity
21 Cherie Individual Immunity
24 TMZ Individual Immunity
27 Charlie Individual Immunity

Jury Votes

For Jonesy

TMZ, Dorothy
First Runner Up, Day 33


  • She is played by 1dra7
  • Of the many seasons Firevivor has had where only one/two players return, she is the only two timer who has had the most growth from her original position (6th - 2nd). She is also the only one to go to the final tribal council after having returned in a season that did not center around returnees.