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Josh Nichols
Some Attributes
First 9th Place in FireVivor.
Second Has a brother named Drake. Apparently befriended Noah, but it's unconfirmed.
Third Is the cooliest.
Other Attributes
Josh Nichols was a spectator who made various cameos across the FireVivor series. He placed 9th in FireVivor: North Pole despite not even being a contestant.


Josh lives in San Diego, CA. With his father and step-mother, his step-brother Drake, and his little step-sister. He works at a movie theater and is currently 16.

FireVivor: North PoleEdit

Day 2Edit

Josh first appeared during Day 2, his supposed elimination episode. He mostly remarked about how people were so "coolio", but he was the "cooliest", he dubbed Noah his "brotha' from anotha' motha'", and then left.

Day 5Edit

"Emphasis, EMPHASIS!!!" -Josh Nichols to the cast.

Josh came back briefly on Day 5, but only to state he puts emphasis on words. He then seemingly vanished again.

Supposed Voting HistoryEdit

Josh's Voting History
Day Josh's
Voted Against
1 Did Not Vote -
2 Did Not Vote -
Quit, Day 2
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Josh is mistakenly referred to as a contestant, despite not being one.
    • Even on the official elimination table, he is listed as "Quit" day 2.
    • His official jury vote read "Penelope", despite him never voting.
  • Josh is an obvious parody of the character of the same name on the show Drake and Josh.
  • Josh is one of the only two characters to appear in FireVivor and not officially compete. The other is Gerard, who was on the jury in The Sahara.