Kass Patterson



Some Attributes
First Winner of Firevivor: Redemption Island, 3rd place in Firevivor: Blood vs. Water.
Second Douchey boyfriend of Bella
Third Random MORN snarker
Other Attributes
Fourth Giant rivalry with Kristal Kox.

Kass was the winner of Firevivor: Redemption Island. He then returned for Firevivor: Blood vs. Water along with his girlfriend, Bella. In his first season, he aligned with THEONETRUEGOD, and the two made it to the end, GOD then swayed the jury towards Kass's favor, making him win in a 5-0 vote. He returned, and made the finals again, but played a weaker game, not aligning with many others except GOD and Bella, and ended as the second runner-up with one vote to win.


Firevivor: Redemption IslandEdit

Firevivor: Blood vs. WaterEdit


Coming in about 200 years.


  • He was played by Toadgamer80.
  • He is named after someone Toad knows in real life.
  • Kass is notable for winning even when Toad wasn't invested in the roleplay at all, and was barely trying.