Maryann Susan
Some Attributes
First First voted-off in Ovivor: Brazil (12th Place).
Second Is perfect.
Third Quimberly's sister.
Other Attributes

Maryann Susan was a contestant in Ovivor: Brazil.


She's perfect.

Ovivor: BrazilEdit

Day 1: Maryann Susan formed an alliance with Nissim and Lynsey. Later, Sly asked her into an alliance, and she accepted. At the Tribal Council, Maryann voted for Milk, who caused her tribe's loss, but at the last minute, his allies voted for Ron. Maryann got voted-off with three votes against her.

Inez's Voting History
Episode Maryann's
Voted Against
1 Milk ?, ?, ?
1st Voted Off, Day 1


  • She was played by BrunoSomebody.
  • She is the first Bruno character to be first boot, as well as his first female character to be first boot.