No one was a contestant in Firevivor: Redemption Island  He is most remembered for being Jeff Kent's biggest fan, hate all returnees, and being more boring than the other characters Manatee has had
No One


No One is Jeff Kent's biggest fan, he follows everything his idol does, including furiously masturbating cheering whenever his idol plays, and donating thousands of dollars to an anti-gay-marriage foundation from a state he doesn't live in. No one also has a shrine is his house where he prays every day for his god, Jeff Kent. He said he would build a replica of in when he came to the island.

Firevivor Redemption IslandEdit


  • No One was originally a character from the player's weirdfic.
  • No One's cousin, Everybody, visited him in the Loved Ones challenge, and was revealed to be Lisa Whelchel's biggest fan.