Some Attributes
First 4th Place in RedSurvivor: Season 1.
Second Lives in Notre Dame where he just wants to be accepted.
Third Has the ability to grow a penis and boobs, which act as confidence boosters.
Other Attributes
Quasimodo was a contestant in RedSurvivor: Season 1. In the end, he placed 4th. He went on to win Sprint Player of the Season in RedSurvivor: Season 1. He went on to compete in Ovivor: Costa Rica, and ranked 8th when he was medically evacuated for accidentally growing two penises.


Quasimodo lives in Notre Dame, and is the main character of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, both the novel and the Disney film. He is raised by Judge Claude Frollo in the Cathedral of Bells.

RedSurvivor: Season 1Edit

Day 1Edit

Complained about everything and told everyone how he has no penis and he pees through his mouth. Falls in love with Angie. Ends up voting Lye because Angie told him to.

Day 2Edit

Takes advice from Harvey to treat the girls like crap so they'll fall in love with him. Stella and Rachel take great offence, and Quasi says he was only doing it because Harvey said it would help. Quasi grows a penis and gains confidence. He later apologizes to the girls for his behavior, and forms alliance with Stella. He then tells everyone to vote for Harvey.

Day 3Edit

Quasi forms a small relationship with Colt, who is the only boy left, and begins to fall for Stella. He looses his penis. He ends up voting for Audrey, because he thinks she doesn't like him, which goes against his alliance with Stella, who wanted to vote for Rachel.

Day 4Edit

Quasimodo grows boobs and knocks down Audrey, making her hate him even more. He votes for Rachel, even though he wants Audrey out, to please Stella. In the end, there is a tie, so he has to pick rocks. Audrey is out, and he pees on her.

Day 5Edit

Quasimodo is in love with Stella, and kisses her for the first time. When he hugs her, his boobs deflate, and he is sad again. Not caring who goes home, Quasimodo votes for Gertrude with Stella. He pees on her when she leaves.

Day 6Edit

Angie begins to question if Quasimodo has gotten over her, and the answer is yes. Quasimodo grows another penis, but looses it after a few minutes. At tribal council, he goes home because he recieved the only vote that counted, from Angie. Quasimodo kisses Stella, and pees on Angie and Rachel, then leaves.

Day 8Edit

Angie and Stella both try to convince Quasimodo their still in love with him, and he ends up voting for Stella to win.

Voting HistoryEdit

Quasimodo's Voting History
Day Quasimodo's
Voted Against
1 Lye Lye
2 Harvey -
3 Audrey -
4 Rachel -
5 Gertrude -
6 Rachel Angie
Voted for
Sole Survivor