33. Drew [Australia, 12th Place]

Drew is nothing but a damn quitter, and that's that. He raged at me calling the roleplay boring before abruptly quitting. I found out later that he apparently had to leave and wanted to "make and impact"-- um, no. Drew is by far the worst person to ever play Redvivor.

32. Matt [Philippines, 6th Place]

I don't think Matt was a horrible character in the first season, I just... can't remember a single thing about him. So that's why he ranks this low, because he would seriously be permanent INV if Redvivor were a real show.

31. Carl [Philippines, 3rd Place]

If I remember correctly, Carl did pretty well strategically in Philippines. But from an entertainment perspective, he wasn't very much so. I think he would've won the first season though, had he been able to convince Marco to bring him to the final two of Sue. Overall, he missed it by this much.

30. Riley [Panama, 6th Place]

Panama was a phenomenal season, but round after round I found myself being entertained by everyone but Riley. He was a good player, he won two immunity challenges, but I just didn't see any spark in him. Overall, he just looked horridly boring among the rest of the cast.