Some Attributes
First 7th Place in Survivor: IRC Desert.
Second Being part of the Heroes alliance.
Third Being in a relationship with Ulrich.
Other Attributes

Shaquishalaray was a contestant in Survivor: IRC Desert. She is most remembered for being on the heroes alliance, dating Ulrich, and for calling everyone a "Bitch".


Shaquishalaray was born in a ghetto on the USA. At a young age, she thought how to be strong, sassy, independent, and how to wave her finger in people's face. She has a low-temper, so you better don't mess with her.

At Harvard University, Shaquishalaray graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Sassines in Kickin' Yo' Ass. She begun working on McDonalds, but quit due to having no time for that.

Shaquishalaray's hobbies includes listening to hip-hop, beating people up, getting into fights, and surfing the internet. Shaquishalaray says she's gonna win Survivor because she's gonna kick everybody's ass if she doesn't.

Shaquishalaray is currently single, and lives in New York City.

"Survivor: IRC Desert"Edit

Days 1 - Shaq calls everybody a "female dog". Ulrich later asks her for an alliance, along with Max and Nelson. Shaq votes for Takeru. Takery is eliminated.

Days 2 - Shaq's tribe loses the challenge. Shaq votes for Geoff M.

Day 3 - After a tribe swap, Shaq and Ulrich stood on the Scorpions tribe, along with Bronwyn, Brunabi-Mana and Brooke. Shaq asks Eddie to be on an alliance, and they'd join each other as soon as they reach merge. Her tribe loses the challenge, and Shaq votes for Bronwyn. Bronwyn is eliminated.

Day 4 - Shaq, along with the other 7 remaining players, merge into one tribe. Thge challenge is to name the merged tribe. Shaq names it something that doesn't matters, since Brunabi wins it. Shaq votes for Eddie, who played an idol and saved himself, eliminating Nelson.

Day 5 - There were no challenges this day. Shaq is voted-off, making Ulrich lose faith in mankind, and giving up being a hero.

Day 10 - Shaq voted for Brooke to win, for no reason whatsoever.

Shaquishalaray's Voting History
Episode Shaquishalaray's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
2 Takeru -
3 Geoff M. -
4 Scorpions Tribe Immune
5 Bronwyn;
Bronwyn, Brooke;
6 Eddie -
7 Eddie Brunabi-Mana, Eddie,
Frann, Max
Voted Off, Day 7
Voted for
Sole Survivor