Sundra Deeas-Tyn
Some Attributes
First 9th Place in Ovivor: Costa Rica.
Second Being med-evac on day 2.
Other Attributes

Sundra Deeas-Tyn was a contestant in Ovivor: Costa Rica. She is most remembered for being the first med-evac of the season.


Born in Stamford, Connecticut, Sundra Deeas-Tyn currently lives in Ft. Lewis, Washington with her husband, Markos, and their two children, Tatyenna 8, and Alina, 6. She is employed as a senior office associate with the Army and Air force Exchange Service. Prior to her current employment, she served as a chemical repair specialist with the United States Army. She also previously worked in the mailroom of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and in customer service at a clothing store. Her favorite hobbies are fishing, camping and GETTING LOUD TOO, WTF.

She describes herself as adventurous, dedicated, a team player and LOUD TOO WTF. She is most proud of having graduated from community college where she received an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Fayetteville Community College in North Carolina. Her favorite sport is volleyball and GETTING LOUD TOO WTF. Her mother is her hero because she has always been committed to, made sacrifices for her children and GOT LOUD TOO WTF. She thinks her mother is the bravest, kindest, most loving and LOUD person and an inspiration.

She believes she's a contender for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because of her ability to improvise and to GET LOUD TOO WTF and feels her small knowledge of hunting will be an asset to the tribe. She also thinks she's a good provider and possesses good field skills and CAN GET LOUD TOO WTF. Her birth date is July 30, 1974.

Ovivor: Costa RicaEdit

Sundra's Voting History
Episode Sundra's
Voted Against
1 Stefen -
2 No Tribal Council
Evacuated, Day 5


  • She was played by BrunoSomebody.
  • She got med-evaced on day 2. 
  • She was a parody of Sandra Diaz-Twine, from Survivor: Pearl Islands and Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains.
  • She competed in the failed Epcvivor 2 and the failed Firevivor RI.