Topaz Brady


Topaz AS

Some Attributes
First 7th Placer in
Ovivor: El Salvador.
Second Blindsided herself.
Third Found two phony idols during the game.
Other Attributes
Fourth 13th Place in Ovivor: All-Stars.

Topaz was a castaway in Ovivor: El Salvador. She came in 7th place, becoming the first member of the jury, and is played by Reddy.

Ovivor: El SalvadorEdit

On the first day, Topaz was placed on the Salu tribe. After staying under the radar for the first episode, she eventually formed an alliance between herself, Genevieve, Soo, and Morpheus. Together at Tribal Council, they all voted for Jack, who they despised. To insure Jack's elimination (in-case one of her allies wasn't loyal) Topaz played an idol she had found on Jack, suspecting it was a phony, due to the season's twist. Topaz's suspicions were proven correct, and Jack was eliminated after Topaz had given him a false hope of safety.

Topaz managed to avoid Tribal Council from then on until the merge, where she joined the Puya tribe. She threw the first individual immunity challenge, as she had found yet another idol, which she assumed to be real, since she'd already found a phony. Topaz then tricked the other castaways into thinking she wanted to leave the game, asking to be voted out. At Tribal Council, Topaz played her idol, shocking everyone... until it was revealed that it, too, was a phony. Dumbfounded, Topaz could only stare in shock as she had succeeded in getting everyone to vote for her. Topaz was eliminated unanimously, essentially blindsiding herself, and became the first member of the jury. She ultimately voted for Soo to win the game over Morpheus.

Topaz's Voting History
Day Topaz's
Voted Against
1 Salu Tribe Immune
2 Jack -
3 Salu Tribe Immune
4 Captain Freedom Captain Freedom, Dennis, Gandhi,
Genevieve, Morpheus, Soo, Phony Vote
Voted Out, Day 4
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Topaz was the only castaway in Ovivor: El Salvador to find two phony immunity idols. She was also the only person to be eliminated from the game as a direct result of one of her idols being phony.